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Continue for at least two minutes as you can. This reduces fine lines around the mouth and lips, as well as aids in slowing down the ageing process.This not only reduces dark circles and fine lines around the eyes, but it also improves the quality of speech and voice, improves the strength of the face. It releases stress and the entire face is exercised. This simple, yet effective exercise works wonders to tone a sagging neckline. Open your mouth as you exhale. Repeat this exercise of pouting and opening the mouth four to five times. This tones the facial and jaw muscles, releases tension and increases circulation to both areas. Unlike other exercises, this one also improves complexion — both texture and colour. You could sit as demonstrated in the picture. Now, quickly move your lips from side to side for about four or five times.

Avoid gargling immediately, and relax the mouth.Practice 4Tone facial musclesAs you inhale, pout your lips and move them to the right. Hold your breath in the position for a count of six. Interestingly, it can also help prevent toothache.— Dr Hansaji J. Facial yoga is non-invasive, and a simple solution to turn back the clock and tone the mien. Inhale as you push your chin out, and exhale as you bring your chin in.Practice 1 Reduces dark circles and wrinkles around eyesFill your mouth with warm or room temperature water. This anti-ageing exercise reduces fine lines around the mouth, releases stress and improves blood circulation and oxygenation around the face. As you exhale, return your lips to the centre. Your mouth and jaw will begin to feel heavy in half to one minute. Repeat Disposable Dry Wipes it with the other side. Spit the water out slowly. Hold in the water for as long as you can.Practice 5 Tone sagging neckline (Roaring lion pose)Open your mouth wide, and stick your tongue out, moving it from side to side.Classical yoga is an experiential science that genuinely connects and harmonises the body, mind and breath — the three vital components that when channelled together can help bid adieu to premature ageing and wrinkles, for a salubrious way of living.

The face tends to look more relaxed, but with firmer contours. Yogic facial exercises help to increase the blood circulation and oxygenation to the facial region, which aids the cleansing, detoxification process and brings about a natural glow to the face. Then, move the jaw from side to side for about four to five times.Practice 2 Reduce laugh linesInhaling, pout your lips and extend them. Yogendra is the director with a Yoga institute. It also regulates the thyroid function and benefits metabolism. Open your mouth as wide as you can, and move your lower jaw in and out slowly, and from side to side for another four or five times.Practice 3 Shape the jawlineKeep your lips closed and jut your chin and lower jaw out and move it in and out slowly. This exercise also releases tension and relaxes the jawline. Anytime and anywhere, facial yoga can help you with some easy ways to keep a youthful appearance and glowing skin.

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That remains largely true."These processes previously unseen in East Antarctica indicate that further warming may amplify the risk of ice shelf collapse," said Martin Siegert of Imperial College London, commenting on the study.But understanding the dynamics of the region which includes the much smaller West Antarctica ice sheet has proven difficult. A dress rehearsal of what might happen more broadly occurred in 2002, when West Antarcticas thick spunlace nonwoven Larsen B ice shelf underwent a "rapid and catastrophic mechanical failure," falling into the sea, he noted.Dress rehearsalThe main vulnerability of ice shelves to climate change remains warming ocean water that erodes their underbelly.

"Larsen B tells us that surface melting can be critical to the structural integrity of ice shelves," Siegert wrote in a commentary, also in Nature Climate Change.In contrast, ice covering East Antarctica was seen as far more stable, even gaining mass.There, too, meltwater had collected on the surface in hundreds of lakes, and when they quickly drained the buoyancy caused the shelf to rupture. When combined with erosion from above, the impact on ice sheet stability may be larger than previously understood. But a mysterious crater on the King Baudoin ice shelf, due south from the tip of Africa, prompted a team of researchers from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to challenge that assumption.The floating, cliff like ice shelves straddling land and ocean that prevent inland ice from slipping into the sea, it was thought, were solidly anchored.

"Our research has shown that East Antarctica is also vulnerable to climate change," said Jan Lenaerts, lead author of the study and a researcher at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.East Antarctica’s massive ice sheet may be more exposed to global warming than long assumed, according to a study Monday that shows how strong winds can erode ice shelves that help hold it in place.Some reports had attributed the crater to a meteorite impact, but when Lenaerts and his team arrived in January they realised the water filled cavity had other origins.Combining climate models, satellite data and on-site measurements, they concluded that strong winds carrying warm air were blowing away reflective snow, allowing the Suns rays to be absorbed into the darker ice rather than bounced back into space.The findings were published in the journal Nature Climate Change.Normally, that erosion is compensated by the accumulation of fresh snow and ice from above.But oceans in recent decades have absorbed much of the excess heat generated by global warming, which has lifted average global air temperatures by one degree Celsius.Up to now, scientists have focused on the threat of West Antarctica.Recent studies have suggested that climate change may already have condemned large chunks of its ice sheet to disintegration, whether on a time scale of centuries or millennia. There is enough frozen water sitting on top of the worlds polar continent to raise sea level by dozens of metres and redraw the world map if it melts.

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The foreign investment proposal of Global Communication and Services Holdings Limited should have been referred to Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs but it was not done and approved by Chidambaram under a conspiracy," ED said.The hearing on Chidambarams auto interior decoration nonwoven fabric plea will take place before Special Judge O P Saini on Thursday."The foreign investment proposal of Global Communication and Services Holdings Limited was of USD 800 million which amounted to Rs 3,560 crore approximately when 1 USD was Rs 44. Therefore, there is a serious apprehension of the applicant influencing witnesses or tampering with evidence pertaining to the present case.Filing the second supplementary charge sheet, the ED had said: "As per rules and FDI policy of Government of India in 2006, Chidambaram, the then Finance Minister was empowered to give approval of the foreign investment to the proposals involving foreign investment up to Rs 600 crore only.

The first charge sheet in the case was filed against Karti on June 13 which claimed that he controlled two firms which allegedly received Rs 1.The agency on October 25 had filed charge sheet against Chidambaram in the Aircel Maxis money laundering case, accusing him of conspiring with foreign investors to clear their venture."The agency said that the investigation pertaining to FIPB approval fraudulently granted by Chidambaram has got several dimensions having wide ramifications.The nine are accused of money laundering of Rs 1. "From the conduct of the petitioner, which gets amply demonstrated from the records available, the investigating agency has reached a bonafide conclusion that in the absence of custodial interrogation it will not be possible to reach the truth of the allegations as the petitioner has chosen to be evasive and non-cooperative," the agency said.The Maran brothers and the other accused named in the CBI charge sheet were discharged by the special court, which had said the agency had failed to produce any material against them to proceed with the trial. The court had on October 8 extended till November 1 the interim protection from arrest granted to Chidambaram and his son Karti in the Aircel Maxis case filed by the CBI and the ED.

The ED opposed his anticipatory bail saying that from the conduct of Chidambaram, who is a "highly influential and well connected individual", there was a serious apprehension of his influencing the witnesses and tampering with evidence pertaining in the case.16 crore in lieu of illegal approval by the Foreign Investment Promotion Board accorded by the former minister in March 2006. The others named in the charge sheet filed are: V Srinivasan, Augustus Ralph Marshall, Astro All Asia Networks Plc Malaysia, Aircel Televentures Ltd, Maxis Mobile Services Sdn Bhd, Bumi Armada Berhad, Bumi Armada Navigation Sdn Bhd.ED had filed the first charge sheet in the case against Karti; later, a supplementary charge sheet was also filed against him.The Enforcement Directorate on Wednesday told a Delhi court that custodial interrogation of former Union minister and Congress leader P Chidambaram was necessary in the Aircel-Maxis money laundering case to unravel the truth as he was evasive and non-cooperative in the probe. The ED had registered the case under the sections of Prevention of Money Laundering Act on February 7, 2012 on basis of an FIR registered by the CBI.

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